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Hair Extensions

We use the very latest micro loop hair extensions, 100% human hair for those luxurious locks. No glue, no chemicals and no damage to your hair.

Free Consultation

Thinking of getting hair extensions? Not sure if they will suit you? Or looking for more information on extensions? Tikis offer a free consultation to discuss hair extensions and what you are looking for. We believe it’s important to talk and fully understand you and what you’re looking for. This consultation will allow us to get a better picture of what’s required, as well as help guide you and offer advice from our experienced stylists.

For more information on our hair extension services and free consultation please drop into our salon in Wilton, Salisbury, or get in touch with us today.

Micro Rings

Micro rings hair extensions are similar to keratin glue hair extensions but instead of using the glue, small rings are are put in between your natural hair and the selected extension and are the clamped together, generally this type of extension lasts around 9 months and needs maintenance around every 6 weeks, depending on the hair brand.

The micro rings hair extensions are available in 1g bonds and are available in straight and wavy varieties.  We use silicone micro rings to make removal easy and damage free.

Hair Extensions Salisbury